Welcome to the Canuck Survival review! is a newcomer to the growing monthly subscriptions box market. What stuck out to me was the fact it’s a Canadian owned and operated company. Every other outdoors/survival subscription box company I find is based in the USA which leads to large shipping charges, concerns of border control, and the exchange rate. Review

The Gear Pack box nothing fancy to look at. It’s smaller than I thought it’d be, but really it’s just a box with a few items so I’m not really sure what I was expecting. For this review I decided to go with the Basic Box in the month of February. review

Upon opening the box there are two cards, the first being a warning not to do anything stupid with the items enclosed, and not to use anything on another human (duh, but it must be said). The second card simple states the box number and category.

For the 6th month Gear Pack has chosen Self Defence as the theme. They had teased a little on their Facebook page in regards to this month but of course didn’t spoil the surprise. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

What’s Inside The Gear Pack Basic Box

Apologies for the blurry photo.

I love/hate this itemized list. I love it because it shows me what I received and the total cost had I purchased everything separately. I hate it because it tells me what I would’ve got if I simply upped my budget for the month.

Below I break down the Basic Box.

The Basic Plus adds the MTech USA Karambit;

Advanced adds a 1 million volt stun baton/flashlight and flex cuffs;

The Ultimate box brings you an Ontario Knife Company SP15 on top of everything else.

That Ontario Knife Company SP15 would be mighty nice and the stun baton/flashlight would be badass too (stun guns are illegal but stun batons are legal when over a certain length). review

From left to right:

The dog/coyote repellent would definitely be an item you want to carry and have ready when camping and hiking. If you travel into the wild with your four-legged friend then this is a must to not only protect you, but your dog as well. Although it’s best to avoid confrontation with wild dogs in the first place, sometimes it may not be possible.

The SABRE Dog Spray is an effective yet humane way to defend against an aggressive animal. [source]

The universal handcuff key is a useless item in my opinion. The best idea is to not get arrested in the first place. Although it’s possible you could be kidnapped and cuffed, or some sexy times goes too far and you need to get out. Chances are though you won’t be within reach of the key or your pockets have been searched and the key confiscated.

I’ve always wanted a baton, although if you get caught carrying one in public you’ll be in some serious trouble with the law. But, as a viable self defence tool against wild animals it’s a great item to include within the Basic Box. The baton also came with a fabric sheath for easy portability. Review Summary

The Basic Box from is definitely a good deal and I’m happy with the items received. That said, if your budget allows then go with the Basic Plus, Advanced, or Ultimate Box to get the really good stuff. You can see another quick overview of Gear Pack and others in my article ‘Best Manly Subscription Boxes For Canadians.’


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