Best Survival Weapon When SHTF

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There is no #1 best survival weapon when SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan), but you can be prepared by having the best weapons for survival. Every scenario will be different depending on the disaster/situation and climate, but when it comes to weaponry there are no better than the following classics:

  • Knife
  • Club
  • Bow and arrows
  • Gun

Best Survival Weapon When SHTF

#1 – Knife

A strong, sharp knife is key to any survival situation. You can cut, stab, chop, pry, dig, split wood, make a spear, etc. If you don’t have a knife already in your arsenal you need to get one ASAP.

Ideally you would have a survival knife plus an EDC (every day carry) knife, and multi-tool, just in case.

#2 – Club

A club will come in handy as a defense and hunting weapon as well as a general tool when bashing something is needed. A club is a very versatile weapon that can be made from anything. A simple baseball bat will do fine or learn how to make a primitive club with a tree and stone. Image source

#3 – Bow and Arrows

Perfect for hunting and protection, a bow can be made using items found in urban or wooded environments if you don’t own one already. They take practice to use so be sure to have some prior training, just in case. Plus archery is really fun! Grab yourself a nice recurve bow or compound bow from Amazon and start practicing.

If you’re in a life or death situation with a bow in your hand, you’ll thank your lucky stars you’re trained. This instructables show you how you can even make a compound bow from PVC.

#4 – Gun

Guns are a tougher subject for us Canadian due to our strict gun laws. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it to invest in the courses and get yourself a long-barrel rifle and/or shotgun. With more training you are able to get a license for a restricted handgun. Just remember to follow your local laws and carry documentation.

Having a gun will make life much easier when hunting or for predator protection. Keep in mind with guns you need ammunition, and ammunition will run out.

If I had to choose only the best survival weapon when shtf, a durable fixed blade knife all the way. What weapons do you have in your arsenal?  What would you consider the best? Leave a comment below!


  1. I second the axe as #2. The backside of the axe is a club/hammer, but then you also have an axe. Any type of forest terrian will be better with an axe present.
    And for defense, it has a sharp edge as well as a dull one.

  2. Unrestricted handgun??? Are you talking b.b or pellet? Because there’s no such thing as an unrestricted handgun or permit for such thing in Canada. All handguns which shoot a projectile 500 FPS or more in Canada are classified as restricted.

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