At Canuck Survival we strive to provide information and reviews for Canadians (and of course everyone else around the world) who have an interest in survival guides, gear, and gadgets. The market is saturated with information and gear available to our neighbours in the South, what about us living a little farther North? CanuckSurvival.com is the one stop shop for guides, information, gear reviews and more, with items available to Canadians and beyond. CanuckSurvival.com is aimed to provide honest reviews on the best gear available with no fluff and no b.s.

The creator, Sean, has a father-in-law that often jokes about his perfect retirement as moving North of Algonquin Park where he can live off the land and where no one can bother him. Sean would chuckle when he says that, but the more he thought about it the more he realized his father-in-law may be onto something…

Sean grew up on a farm spending many days in the woods with his younger brother competing to build the best shelter, dig the deepest hole, who can hide the best/longest, and anything else they could think of. As they got older they were involved in archery, paintball, mountain biking, pellet guns, etc.

Sean later moved away from the countryside and into the city and lost any skills acquired during his childhood. Sean has created CanuckSurvival.com so he can get back to basics and provide you the information you need to prepare and survive the Canadian wilderness along the way.